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Kyusu Tokoname

Kyusu Tokoname

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This beautiful Tokoname Kyusu is handmade by skilled Japanese craftsman using Tokoname clay, considered to be the best in Japan. It has an elegant side handle, allowing you to gracefully pour out your green tea with just a simple turn of the wrist.

Comment utiliser le Kyusu Tokoname

The Tokoname Kyusu is easy to use, all it takes is following four basic steps. First off, heat up the water, put the leaves into the teapot, pour in the water, and finally, give the tea some time to brew.

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    Heat the water to your desired temperature using an electric kettle. Different teas require slightly different temperatures, and you can find this information on our website.

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    Add 5 grams of tea leaves to the Tokoname Kyusu. If you prefer, you can warm up the teapot by pouring in some hot water, waiting for 30 seconds, and then pouring it out before adding the leaves.

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    Once the tea leaves are in the Tokoname Kyusu, you can gently add 150ml of water.

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    Cover the Tokoname Kyusu with the lid and let the leaves steep for 1-2 minutes, depending on the tea variety. When the brewing is finished, pour it into your glass, and the built-in filter will prevent leaves from entering your cup.

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    After infusing the leaves once, you can get 2-3 additional uses out of them. Stick to the same water temperature, the same quantity, but steep for just 20 seconds in each subsequent brewing.

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    If you fancy cold-brewed tea in your Tokoname Kyusu, toss in 5 grams of tea leaves and 400ml of room temperature or cool water. Wait for 1-3 hours, then pour out the teapot, and enjoy your cool and refreshing green tea!

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100% issu d'une agriculture responsable et éthique

Made in Japan by skilled craftsmen, this Tokoname Kyusu goes through careful handiwork with traditional sculpting and glazing methods. Each teapot follows specific measurements, but slight differences may occur, making each one unique

japanese artisan crafting a kyusu teapot

Fabriqué à partir d'argile japonaise Tokoname

Considered to be the best in Japan, Tokoname clay is renowned for its low porosity and vibrant green color. Once artisically sculpted, these pieces of Tokoname clay ware are sure to add a touch of elegance to your tea ritual.

Avantages du Kyusu Tokoname

Not only is the tokoname kyusu made from some of the finest clay in Japan, it is also carefully crafted with a few design features. The wide base gives the tea leaves plenty of space to expand and release their flavor into the water and the hollow side handle makes it easy to pour out your tea without burning your hand. Finally, the built in strainer separates the leaves out automatically as you pour so they don't end up in your cup.

japanese artisan working wit clay

Où est produit le kyusu ?

Fabriqué au Japon

Crafted by proficient artisans in Japan, the Tokoname Kyusu goes through a thorough handcrafting process that utilizes traditional sculpting and glazing techniques. Each teapot is carefully shaped with precision, and slight variations add to the distinct individuality of every piece, creating a unique and exceptional creation.

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